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Ben Mills
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Ben Mills A great development of the sound to something darker, more aggressive, and more mature. Some of the best alternative rock/punk the UK is producing right here. Favorite track: Weakness.
Southbound 02:40
SOUTHBOUND Turn the lights way down. Shuffle across the sheets to get to you. Blow in my ear so lightly. I wanna remember it just like this. With the sweat in my eyes, sweet embrace from your thighs, I could lose it all at a moments notice. We've got time on our side, fuck fate we're alive, and use ourselves for a darker purpose. We were both just kids, but I still don't know how to deal with it. Now I'm comfortably down/out, I'm southbound. If only to be free, meant you could be who you wanna be. When I tried to leave, well I'm always pulled back by my fear of regret. And now I'm only concerned with being bored. But I wanna remember it just like this. I only get lost on the days when I find rope, when there's no hope. I feel like letting you in but it grew worse with time, strung out on sleepless nights. So I let you in.
Weakness 01:55
WEAKNESS I can't sleep, never could, thought I would, just get used to it. Now I feel, Like I like I did, At the end, I’ve grown numb to it. Look, What I say, don't you see, I can’t stop myself. No excuse, For the pain, And the hurt, That I left with you. I can't sleep, It's a curse, What I get, Just get used to it, Let it in, Feel the earth, Breathe the air, Start your life again. It doesn’t seem like anything has changed, the walls I built, they fall away. It could’ve been that what I thought was love, was gone, and now I can't pretend. Like everything will be the same, it won't, that's ok. You don’t know what weakness is.
Bella 04:37
BELLA So often, in peaks and trophs, sometimes quite unbearable. I hide it all the same, another link upon the chain. Perspective, a chance to breath plus a little home therapy. The lies we tell ourselves, we became the lie itself. Bella, I felt you pushing away Bella, Was it something I said? With age, comes a cost, from losing teeth to the ones we love. My crippling fear of inherit disease, comes from a life of remorse. Lifelines, in rip tides, tether me to the shore. I'm just a hopeless abandon, who wished he'd never left home. 3 years haven’t fixed me, another 3 ought to kill me. My mind’s so tired but I’ve already forgot You were my best friend, but I wasn’t yours Bella, I felt you pushing away from me. Was it something I said in my sleep, or am I creeping you the fuck out. Never, you said you'd love me whatever, even if, god forbid, I'd be bound to my bed, you'd be there watching me sleep. Bella Oh Bella Yea yea yea! Was it something I said?


We'll Be OK Here


released April 27, 2018


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